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About This Server

This server provides an implementation of the FHIR Specification as the basis for the implementation of BlueButton as a Data Service using a 100% open source software stack. It is hosted by HHS in the AWS Cloud.

The architecture in use here is shown in the image on the right. This server is built from a number of modules. The base implementation is here: HAPI FHIR Project by James Agnew , which is a 100% open-source (Apache 2.0 Licensed) Java based implementation of the FHIR specification.

The source code for this specific implementation can be found here: Ekivemark's GitHub. This in turn is forked from the amazing work done by Gajen Sunthara: FHIR Server

BlueButton Data On This Server

This server is regularly loaded with a standard set of test data sourced from CMS' own testing environment. Do not use this server to store any data that you will need later, as we will be regularly resetting it.

This is not a production server and it provides no privacy.
Do not store any confidential data here.