Failed to load conformance statement, error was: ca.uhn.fhir.rest.client.exceptions.FhirClientConnectionException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

You are accessing the public FHIR server Local BlueButton on FHIR Server (fhir-p/DSTU2 FHIR). This server is hosted elsewhere on the internet but is being accessed using the HAPI client implementation.

This is not a production server! Do not store any information here that contains personal health information or any other confidential information. This server will be regularly purged and reloaded with fixed test data.

Server null
Software null - null
FHIR Base http://localhost:8080/fhir-p/baseDstu2

Server Actions

Retrieve the server's conformance statement.

Retrieve the update history across all resource types on the server.
Limit #

Post a bundle containing multiple resources to the server and store all resources within a single atomic transaction.
Bundle *

Show all of the tags currently in use on the server